NDIS Readiness

NDIS Readiness

It has been broadly acknowledged that Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) service delivery differs to the rest of the NDIS scheme, and as a consequence the readiness supports our sector require need to be reflective of this.

ECIA VIC/TAS has worked closely with the NDIA to ensure that the early years is viewed in a unique way, as it differs in all aspects from disability services in the adult space.

ECIA VIC/TAS views that it is of paramount importance that the ECI sector is well supported in the transition to the new scheme. When designing support systems, we are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, instead we are leveraging off the existing capacity, expertise and networks within our sector. We are also incorporating new ways of thinking to ensure our sector is responsive to the changing landscape, is robust and sustainable into the future.

The focus of the ECIA VIC/TAS NDIS Readiness supports are:

  • Communications, information and engagement
  • Family readiness for ECI providers
  • Capacity building and up-skilling
  • Taking advantage of diagnostic tools to measure readiness
  • Targeted supports for individual ECI providers

Please do not hesitate to contact ECIA VIC/TAS for assistance and support in managing the transition to the NDIS.

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