Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Services

Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Services

Regional Services - ECIS Central Intake
Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) have a regional central point of entry. This provides families with easy and timely access to ECIS. Central Intake gathers information and determines whether the child meets eligibility criteria for ECIS. In the first instance referrals for ECIS must go to Central Intake who will work with the family to identify concerns, to plan next steps and to make a referral to an ECIS agency.

Please click on your region for ECIS Central Intake contact details and a comprehensive list of ECI services in your area. Alternatively you can ring the statewide phone number 1800 783 783 and ask for Early Childhood Intervention Services.

North Eastern Victoria ECIS

North Western Victoria ECIS

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Please note ECIA VC is not able to help you with central intake enquiries, you will need to contact ECIS Central Intake directly. Thank you.